Welcome to the 7 day self-care challenge: INSIDE OUT

Hi! Hello! I'm so glad you're here! You're about to have a really beautiful 7 days. During this challenge, we are going to truly befriend ourselves. We're going to be implementing self-care techniques that honor the bi-directional nature in which our bodies are designed to function. Essentially meaning: we're going to use the body to initiate the creation of positive thoughts and emotions, and we're going to use thoughts and emotions to initiate positive responses in the body

Join the community as we learn to listen more closely to ourselves, honor our pain and our happiness, and create deeper meaning in our daily experience. 


"There are no words! This has been such a profound week for me-as an individual and to be a part of this community. I have learned how important it is to take care of myself! To give my health the time it DESERVES. I have had several reckonings this week that have opened up an opportunity to become better, to heal. I feel so much more conected to my body and spirit. I’m so grateful to Sydney! She planted the seed, and I’m so excited to see it (myself) blossom. Thank you for giving me the tools to change my life. Your vulnerability has given hundreds of women a voice and the courage to be vulnerable!!"


"I just completed Day 4 so I'm not even done with this challenge yet, but it has already been so transformative. Meditating, self-care, self-awareness, yoga and journaling wasn't new to me when I started, but this challenge gave all of these things priority and structure in my life, which was just what I needed to kick them all into high gear to reap the benefits of each. I loved waking up each morning to a mindful email from Sydney, I really look forward to the emails even knowing the work ahead would be difficult. Sydney structured the week perfectly- the daily prompts were informative while not being lengthy or too much to take in- they were relatable and easy to digest. This daily morning practice has really impacted my mindfulness throughout the day. I'm kinder to myself, I'm remembering to notice my breathing more, and I feel calmer/more at peace in general. Can't wait to finish out the next 3 days and continue this practice on my own after that. Thank you, Sydney!"


"Sydney clearly did so much research! Each day was so full of amazing information. I’ll be processing it all for a while. It’s been so helpful for me- I’ve always had issues identifying what’s bothering me- and I feel like being able to use physical symptoms cuts down to the root of the problem. Just the heart and connection involved blew me away. So much thanks- from the bottom of my heart!!!"


"This experience has awakened my soul. When I signed up, I never anticipated how strong of an impact these past 7 days would have on my life. A perpetual introvert, I never imagined I'd be baring my private struggles in videos daily. But I did. And it felt SO incredibly freeing. Every day I felt a little lighter emotionally and felt empowered to take control of my life. This community is filled with such beautiful, comforting souls. Hearing Sydney share stories with the community that were real, and raw, and hard for her made me feel like we were in it together. She believes strongly that this work can bring you to where you want to be in your life. And her belief became my own after the first couple days of working on myself. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to be uplifted and inspired to break the cycle of neglecting their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves."


"This challenge was a great experience. It introduced me to energy healing, chakras and self-care in a comfortable and approachable way. The activities were carefully selected to be manageable on a daily basis and also provide a brilliant introduction to each chakra. The community created with the Facebook group was an excellent and much needed support. I was a bit of a skeptic but the way the challenge introduces you to new ideas slowly, letting you notice the difference the work is making as you go, really helped me to feel comfortable. I couldn't reccomend this challenge enough, it's given me the tools to find out more and continue my journey towards self love."


"I am so thankful for this experience. Sydney is a gentle and fun teacher and guide through these new-to-me concepts. After a week, I had a new understanding and love for myself (and thus a new compassion for others). There, of course, is more work to be done, but Sydney did a wonderful job in helping me discover new tools. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"


"I absolutely loved this experience, and it came just at the right moment in my life. I just started a new job, have been struggling with self-care because of a significantly more intense professional schedule (and all that goes along with that), and my dads cancer returned after a brief remission. The physical effect of suppressing my emotions was a full body flare up of rosecea - a skin issue I’ve never struggled with. Even though I didn’t meditate everyday and I mainly focused on the writing portions and learning about my emotion-body connection from the emails, I will take this practice and foundation with me for a long long time. And I’d love to do another one! Sign me up. Thanks for this."



The challenge will be sent out via email, so be sure to submit an account that you check regularly!